This is the first stage of any video production. Depending on your video needs, we will determine the type of video to be shot. Following that, we will work closely with your marketing department to create a concept and production timeline. Together, we will decide on which influencers to use in front of the camera, what to say and which other footage we need to film. Once the concept is done, we move on to the production phase.


In this step, we will capture the footage needed according to the previously created concept. Mountainside Entertainment is proud to be able to provide all the necessary equipment for your needs. Our gear includes high quality cameras with the ability to film in up to 4K resolution as well as professional audio recording equipment. Depending on the sport, we can consult and provide cameras for aerial video capture or action cameras to get close to the subjects.


Post production entails everything that happens after we gathered the footage. This includes video and audio editing, creation of animations and graphics, compositing work and color grading. Depending on your intended use, we will recommend and license music for you. During the post production, we are in close contact with you and incorporate your feedback to fulfill your expectations.