In a study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, it was found that your visitors read as little as 20% of the texts on your website. (1Therefore, including videos on your product pages is as important as ever. Product videos are a quick and efficient way to present key attributes to potential customers. These attributes include but aren’t limited to the product’s target audience, it’s unique features and what makes it stand out above your competitor’s.


Videos are the perfect medium to enhance your brand identity. Looking behind the scenes of your company and introducing the unique individuals, production or R&D processes can help shape the public’s perspective of your brand. Using videos, you have the capability to show your company’s best side without giving away trade secrets.


If you are a company that develops and manufactures outdoor products, chances are high that you have extensive knowledge that the average end user doesn’t have. Producing educational video content and sharing it with your community can enhance your image of being a knowledgable company. At the same time your customers learn how to use your products better and ultimately have a better customer experience.


Competitions and community events are a cornerstone of many outdoor sports. Most manufacturers are sponsoring these events or send their sponsored athletes to compete. If a large scale event is happening, video coverage will extend your reach past the attending audience. Since large parts of the community are involved, event videos or live streams are likely to be shared within the whole community.


Storytelling is an important part of a good marketing strategy. If you plan on sharing an extensive story like the history of your sports team, your company or the development behind a new product, producing a documentary might just be the way to go. There are many benefits of narrating your own story, like conveying your personality, presenting yourself as the leader or speaking to your followers on an emotional level. (2)


Your sponsored athletes usually have outstanding abilities in their respective field. Capturing and showcasing those in a high quality video clip will impress your audience. These videos have a high probability of being shared and are very likely to extend your reach outside of your core followers.