Telling stories through video has always been a great interest of mine. Specifically those that involve my favorite locations – most of which are outdoors. I have been working in the field of video productions since 2010 and am happy to report that I still maintain a passion for the development, filming, and editing of professional videos.

I began my path to this occupation shortly after secondary school when I became a certified audiovisual media designer. After which I continued my education and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media Conception and Production at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain. Throughout my time there I created many projects and learned to work well within a team. My final theoretical and practical exams focused on outdoor videos and their use as marketing tools. And I can happily boast that both exams were awarded the German grade 1,0 (A).

Since 2010, I produced outdoor sport videos that included skateboarding, mountain biking, skydiving, and BASE jumping. In 2011 a friend and I sent in a submission for a video competition held by the Berrics in California and won 1st place! Our video was then displayed at the MOCA in Los Angeles and at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City. I continued to work independently as a contract videographer in Europe for many years and in 2016 took a position at Performance Designs in the US. They are the world’s largest sport parachute manufacturer and allowed me to gain insight into a marketing department, and to be able to make spectacular videos while also building up time skydiving. My time there was unfortunately only a short year and a half before I had to return to Europe. Currently I am continuing to focus my work on providing video productions services to companies which have a high expectation of quality. I also enjoy participating in many outdoor activities myself as well. My favorites include hiking, riding my mountain bike and jumping out of airplanes.

Lars Leinemann

On the Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal.